Wool Yarn, Crochet Mask, Braids and Machine Knitted structures

PHASE is a group of works I have worked on during my final year of undergraduate study at Maryland Institute College of Art, and it is the stepping stone for my practice. Phase contains a complete assemblage of garments, masks, music, photography, choreography, and performance. I dedicate my work to exploring human communication with oneself through ritual. I incorporate the basic concept of Nuo Opera, part of China's intangible cultural heritage.

In Nuo Opera, villagers put on masks representing and acting as gods. I introduce a similar concept in my work. When models wear my masks, they are free to be anyone or anything. Nuo Opera is about communication between man and god. My work is about the communication between the self and the person to complete the exploration of their personality. Crochet is a ritual, a practice of self-exploration. My crochet work is improvisational, and every step expresses the subconscious. I use photography to locate my exploration with the people who wear my work. I created a world within my values by completing an assembly of live performances.

Watch performance here