Wearable Sculpture and Performance

Bound represents the evolution of my artistic exploration, building upon the foundations laid by my previous body of work. Drawing inspiration from the timeless allure of the masquerade, I have expanded the concept to envelop the entire body, transforming the traditional mask into a comprehensive, immersive experience. My deep-seated passion for handcrafting is evident in every detail of this garment; each surface meticulously created with strings and yarns, entirely hand-made by me.

Much like my earlier creations, Bound transcends the mere notion of clothing. It is an ensemble of sensory experiences, seamlessly integrating attire, performance, music, and video into a cohesive narrative. To achieve the most profound impact, I collaborated with a professional performer, ensuring the presentation was both dynamic and evocative. Every other aspect of this work was personally crafted, reflecting my dedication and vision.

As my inaugural project in my graduate program, Bound serves as a preliminary sketch of the themes and ideas I intend to explore further. It is a manifestation of my ambition to blur the lines between fashion, art, and performance, creating a space where handcrafted garments become vessels of immersive storytelling. Through this work, I aim to invite audiences into a world where every thread and movement conveys a deeper connection to the art of creation and the narrative it embodies.

Watch performance here